Repair Timescales & Appointments 

Of course we would all like the problems in our homes to be fixed immediately, but sometimes it’s just not possible. When managing up to 200 individual properties, it can sometimes take a little while for repairs for be carried out, especially for non-emergency maintenance (with exceptions granted dependent on the vulnerability of the occupants of the property). As a tenant, it’s important for you to understand how we define emergency and non-emergency repairs and to know when patience is needed.

Emergency Repairs Within 24 Hours

There are situations were a delay in carrying out necessary repair works can pose a serious risk to both yourself and your home. We aim to make your home safe and secure again and restore any essential services within 24 hours. The repairs will be carried out during normal working hours unless time is of the absolute essence (these instances are rare).

Emergency Repairs Include:24-hour-garage-doors-sugar-land

•  Dangerous electrical faults
•  Total loss of power/lights (not caused by power cuts)
•  Total loss of heating and hot water failures (during winter months from November – February)
•  Major plumbing faults (i.e., where flooding occurs)
•  Making homes secure (i.e., temporarily boarding up windows and doors if damaged and/or non-secure)
•  Blocked sewers or shared drains
•  Severe water or roof leaks where uncontrollable, causing damage to interior (weather dependent)

Urgent Repairs – Within 3-5 Working Days

We aim to respond to the following urgent repairs within five working days, as we recognise them as disruptive to your day-to-day but not as posing an immediate risk to yourself or your home.

Urgent Repairs Include:

13774291-114499495•  Total heating failure (during non-winter months from March – October)
•  Total hot water failures (during non-winter months from March – October)
•  Water leaks
•  Constantly running overflows
•  Total failure of door entry systems
•  Repairs to smoke alarms
•  Replacing faulty external door locks
•  Communal light repairs (where there is potential risk of accident or injury)
•  Partial heating failure
•  WC repairs (including no flush)
•  Cooker, oven and hob repairs
•  Repairs to doors and windows, where security is at risk but the home is not immediately vulnerable to intrusion
•  Badly leaking wash hand basin, bath or sink traps

Routine Repairs – Within 21 Working Days

These are the small repairs that do not seriously inconvenience your day-to-day life and can be left for a while without posing a risk to yourself or your home.

Routine Repairs Include:

• Minor or individual electrical faults
• Communal repairs, i.e., lights, surfaces (unless potential risk)
• Re-glazing (where any necessary boarding up has been carried out)
• Communal path repairs (where there is potential risk)
• Repairs to kitchen fittings
• Repairs to plaster work
• Dripping or leaking taps or shower units & other minor plumbing repairs
• Replacement window handles that are not secured or are not a health and safety risk
• Repairs to flooring that are not a health and safety risk.
• Easing doors and windows
• Other minor day-to-day repairs or replacements

Appointments & Scheduling a Repair424

In most circumstances, our staff will make an appointment with a contractor that suits the schedules of all parties the day you report your repair issue. Alternatively, under some circumstances, we may provide your contact number to the contractor to allow them to contact you directly and make arrangements with you.

Once we confirm the appointment, an order will be issued to our contractor. You will receive a phone call or email confirming the appointment. If, for any reason, our contractor cannot attend on the appointment date, we will reschedule the appointment at the earliest opportunity.

Missed Appointments Mean Wasted Time & Money.

Just as we expect our contractors to keep to any appointments made, we also expect our tenants to do the same. It is important that you (or another adult) are at home to let the contractor in. If you know beforehand that you will not be able to keep to the specific morning or afternoon agreed with you, please let us know as soon as possible (at least 24 hrs notice) and we will agree another date. You may also give us permission to use our own keys to allow our contractor to gain access to carry out the repair if you know you will not be available during the work day.

If you are not at home when called upon for an agreed appointment without giving us prior warning of that fact, the repair will be cancelled and you may be charged for failing to provide us with appropriate notice.