property-inspectionWe will always endeavour to provide you with 7 days’ notice of any impending inspections, but at a minimum, we will never enter your property for the purposes of inspection without 24 hours’ notice prior to entry under normal circumstances. The only exception to this rule would be to check the property if we had received any reports that concerned us about your or the property’s welfare and we had been unable to reach you. This would be classed as an emergency, as we would have verified concerns that something could potentially be wrong.

When booking an appointment, we will make every effort to be considerate of your schedule. We are aware that you have work and other commitments that aren’t easily rescheduled, but there may be times where no easy compromise can be found and, as per our contract with your landlord, we may have to enter the property when you are not present. In these instances, we will give you all the adequate notice possible so that you may take any potential preparations you feel are necessary.

It is important that you keep any arranged appointment dates, as our agents carry out inspections in block visits to your area and cannot easily reschedule their appointments. Failure to keep an inspection appointment without good cause and/or without 24 hours’ notice may result in you being charged.

Please note that our agents will take notes while carrying out inspections, and may also take pictures to verify their findings. For an average sized property, inspections usually take 10-15 minutes to complete and can be carried out with little to no disturbance to your belongings (unless they are blocking access to certain items on our checklist, such as storage spaces).